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James A. Turso

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  • Radiation Science & Engineering Center
  • Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

122 Breazeale Nuclear Reactor Building


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Research Areas:

Interest Areas:

Advanced instrumentation and control development for nuclear systems, parameter/system identification for nuclear systems, process modeling and simulation of nuclear systems




  • BS, Marine Engineering, S.U.N.Y Maritime College, 1984
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Manhattan College, 1990
  • MS, Nuclear Engineering, Penn State University, 1993
  • Ph D, Nuclear Engineering, Penn State University, 1995
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Idaho, 2009


Journal Articles

  • James A Turso and Samraj Nuernberger, 2018, "Toward the use of wavelet scalograms in the diagnostic analysis of rotating machinery transient data", Noise & Vibration Worldwide, pp. 12
  • James A Turso, 2018, "Penn State University TRIGA Reactor Digital Reactivity Computer: Development and Testing", Annals of Nuclear Energy, pp. 8
  • James A Turso, 2008, "Toward an Intelligent, Deterioration Accommodating Controller for Aging Turbofan", The Aeronautical Journal
  • James A Turso, 2007, "Shipboard Applications of Advanced Model-based Sensor Diagnostics", Northrop Grumman Technical Review Journal
  • James A Turso, 2007, "Reduced-Order Modeling and Wavelet Analysis of Turbofan Engine Structural Response due to Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Events", ASME Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power
  • James A Turso, 2007, "Accommodating Power Plant Anomalies via Artificial Neural", Journal of Intelligent Systems
  • James A Turso, 2005, "A Foreign Object Damage Event Detector Data Fusion System for Turbofan", AIAA Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information, and Communication
  • James A Turso, 2004, "Kalman Filter-Based Maximum A Posteriori Probability Detection of Boiling Water Reactor Stability", IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology
  • James A Turso, 1997, "A Modal-Based Reduced-Order Model of BWR Out-of Phase", Annals of Nuclear Energy
  • James A Turso, 1995, "Hybrid Simulation of Boiling Water Reactor Dynamics Using a University Research Reactor", Nuclear Technology
  • James A Turso, 1992, "The Penn State Intelligent Distributed Controls", IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
  • James A Turso, 1992, "Deformed Surface Curve Measurements Using Photogrammetric Techniques", Experimental Techniques

Conference Proceedings

  • Lawson Marie and Turso James, 2012, "Development and Hardware-In-The-Loop Analysis of Commercial Marine-Nuclear Propulsion Plant Programmable Logic Controller-Based Control"
  • James A Turso, 2010, "Propulsion Simulator/Stimulator Development for US NAVY’S Newest Gas Turbine-Powered Ship, LHD 8 USS Makin Island"
  • James A Turso, 2010, "U.S.S. Makin Island Auxiliary Propulsion System: Identification and Accommodation of System-Level Interactions"
  • James A Turso, 2003, "Smart Materials-Based Structural Vibration Isolation using H infinity - Based optimal control"
  • James A Turso, 1991, "Experience with Developing A Real World Advanced Control and Diagnostic Testbed Using a University Research Reactor"
  • James A Turso and Gokhan Corak, , "Penn State Breazeale Reactor Control System Replacement: System Development and Hardware-In-The-Loop Testing"
  • James A Turso and Emily Humes, , "Characterization of Penn State TRIGA Reactor External Irradiation Fixtures"

Research Projects

  • October 2016 - September 2019, "Wireless Reactor Power Distribution Measurement System Utilizing an In-Core Radiation and Temperature Tolerant Wireless Transmitter and a Gamma-Harvesting Power Supply," (Sponsor: Westinghouse Electric Company $).
  • February 2017 - September 2019, "Wireless Reactor Power Distribution Measurement System Utilizing an In-Core Radiation and Temperature Tolerant Wireless Transmitter and a Gamma-Harvesting Power Supply," (Sponsor: Westinghouse).
  • October 2017 - September 2018, "Digital Control and Safety System Modernization for the Penn State TRIGA Reactor," (Sponsor: U.S. Department of Energy).
  • May 2018 - June 2018, "GPS III Program Component Neutron Irradiation," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company).
  • August 2017 - September 2018, "UTCAS Cannister N-SCAN," (Sponsor: UTC Aerospace Systems).
  • October 2017 - October 2017, "Misc Electronic Component Neutron Irradiation," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company).
  • December 2017 - December 2017, "Passive Fast Neutron Irradiation of JANS Diodes," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company).
  • August 2017 - October 2017, "NFI Testing Component Neutron Irradiation," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company).
  • June 2017 - June 2017, "SBIRS Program Component Neutron Irradiation," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company).
  • November 2016 - June 2017, "Continuation of Testing of Neutron Detector Instrumentation (NDI)," (Sponsor: DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc.).
  • February 2017 - February 2017, "Energy Multiplier Module (EM2) Zr3Si2 Reflector Material Pre-Irradiation Test," (Sponsor: General Atomics Inc.).
  • November 2016 - January 2017, "Testing of Neutron Detector Instrumentation (NDI)," (Sponsor: DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc.).
  • June 2016 - July 2017, "ENG SVC PER MIRV-SOW-004," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company).
  • April 2015 - April 2016, "Software Purchase for CPP Project: 23055," (Sponsor: Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.).
  • August 2016 - August 2016, "Converging Missile Technology Component Neutron Irradiation," (Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company).
  • November 2016 - November 2016, "Testing of Neutron Detector Instrumentation (NDI)," (Sponsor: DRS Inc.).
  •   - April 2015, "Foxboro/Invensys Controls Equipment Grant," (Sponsor: Foxboro/Invensys Controls).
  • February 2015 - September 2015, "Cont. Pitch Propeller (CPP) System Hammering Issue - Evaluation and Resolution," (Sponsor: Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.).
  • April 2014 - July 2014, "Analysis and Troubleshooting of CVN78 Generator Control Systems Issues," (Sponsor: Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.).

Honors and Awards

  • Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Honor Roll of Inventors, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems, May 2011
  • Best Paper Award, Northrop Grumman Technical Research Journal, Northrop Grumman, April 2008
  • U.S. Navy Certificate of Appreciation, United States Navy, PMS 377, May 2008
  • NASA Tech Brief Award (new technology awards - 2), NASA Glenn Research Center, June 2005
  • Bechtel Bettis Inc, Engineering Achievement Award, Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, May 2001


Service to Penn State:

  • Assistance to Student Organizations, Advisor, Generation Atomic, February 2017

Service to External Organizations:

  • Service to Public and Private Organizations, Board Member, Nuclear Ship Savannah Association, January 2010



The Radiation Science & Engineering Center (RSEC) was established to manage Penn State's comprehensive nuclear research facilities, including the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor, Gamma Irradiation Facility, Radioactive sources and Radiation measurement resources. The RSEC provides safe nuclear analytical and testing facilities in support of the research and education activities of faculty, staff, and students at Penn State.

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